Francisco grew up in Mexico City and in Winnipeg. He came out to the Wet Coast more than a decade ago and has been involved in coffee ever since.

During most of his time out here he’s been serving speciality coffees in the most diverse of settings; hospitals, independent shops, multinational chains, always making sure the customer received the most important product, attention.

Most people would be surprised to know that Francisco also has more than 15 years of experience as a highly regarded independent translator in the field of energy generation.

As with most adults, coffee has been a permanent fixture in Francisco’s life. Instant, percolated, espresso, drip, all have been part of his coffee experience; even “combat coffee” (Army talk for 2 packs of instant coffee, 1 pack of sugar, 1 swig from the canteen, Yumm!). His favourite coffee drinks are a long pour americano, and a proper flat white.

Years Experience

Favorite Coffees

Long Pour Americano

Long Pour Americano

Flat White

Flat White


El Cafecito will help the world to disconnect from the electronic leash and to reconnect people.



El Cafecito provides for direct people interactions, enhanced by the best Old World style coffee in the Nanaimo market.

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